CRCA Board Newsletter August 2015

August 7/15

Dear Members,

We are happy to announce that the City of Chestermere has graciously responded to our time of need. We have been given a one time Revitalization Grant of $200,000. This will be paid out in three installments. We would like to thank the City of Chestermere for this Revitalization Grant.

Unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky with Rocky View County. Representatives from the CRCA board attended an RVC council meeting on July 14, 2015 and were, ONCE AGAIN, asked for more changes to our bylaws before they would grant our funding request. We are frustrated with the process to say the least. We have repeatedly met their requests only to be presented with more. It is the goal of the CRCA to make the Recreation Centre self-sustaining. We believe our building has the potential to be great and we hope you do to. We are going to be focusing our energy into making this happen!! We plan to move forward with a huge marketing and sponsorship campaign!! If you or someone you know would like to be a part of making our facility better by taking part in our advertising opportunities, email me at

We would like to put all minds at ease, that our facility will stay open thanks to the City of Chestermere and hockey in the fall. We have had a few tight months but are happy to say we have a plan to move forward and rebuild our reserves that we used to get through this difficult period.

There was an article in the Rocky View Weekly this week ( and one in the Chestermere Anchor which we believe did not shed light on the complete picture. Mention of the AG Society having a joint lease with the CRCA was the first time this has been brought to our attention. After some research we found an agreement that is a USER AGREEMENT not a lease. This agreement states that the AG Society not be charged rent for regular meetings and the annual meeting. It also states the AG Society can use the hall and kitchen facilities six times a year and have use of the arena and concession facility once per year for a skate-a-thon again at no charge. The agreement further states that a suitable storage place be assigned. The final note is that the agreement be reviewed annually on the anniversary of the date signed (April 12, 1991) and that the conditions may be changed. At no time have we said that we will not work closely with the AG Society so our community can experience the great festivals and red ribbon that they host. We will be requesting that the newspaper print a correction to this.

Your CRCA board has been putting in countless hours since being elected in March 2015 and we will continue to work for our Rec Centre. There will be a need for another Special Meeting to address the further changes to our Bylaws that are being requested by the county. Our current bylaws state that we require 21 days notice. As soon as RVC provides us with the next set of changes they require we will be scheduling a Special Meeting. Please keep an eye out for the announcement.

Kraft Project Play update from Dr. Jed Snatic-Vice President of CRCA:

The TSN results are in and we didn’t make it. We put our heart and soul in this one. We had big expectations for the contest money. Not to be. We move on and strengthen from this experience. We’ve seen the coming together of area residents. That is stronger than what Kraft can offer. We promise to carry on the quest for arenas to tribute these two great athletes. A giant size thank you to all that assisted, posted, hash-tagged, liked and shared. You guys are a force. In fact, we had more online activity than all the 700 entries combined. A force we’d like to direct towards something in the form of a legacy to Jaydon and Markus. The real loss lies at the feet of Kraft. They missed the story of a lifetime. Chestermere is resilient. We will be back. Let’s turn this around for a greater community.

Thank you for all your continued support!! This Recreation Centre would be nothing without its members!!!


CRCA Board of Directors