CRCA Special Meeting

* Updated Version* After a very promising meeting with Rocky View County there were some changes made to the proposed CRCA blylaws. Download the new version of the Proposed CRCA Bylaws for your review. Changes include:

Articles 3.1.1; 3.1.2; 8.2.1; and more specifically the following:
Article 9.2.4 An increase in expenditure before a special meeting is required.
Article 4.1.1 Geographical Boundaries- this is being changed to add more area which in turn will increase the amount of funding that we are eligible for.
Article 12. 4 This change states that if there is a dissolution of the CRCA, it will be handled as per the lease agreement already in place between RVC and CRCA.

Downloadable version of the May13 CRCA Special Meeting Agenda.

2014 Financial Report and copies of the proposed bylaws are available at the CRCA Office. Please bring your membership card.




MAY 13, 2015  7pm




  1. Call to order-determine quorum


  1. Approval of Agenda


  1. 2014 Financial Statements completed-presentation Dean Orlando, auditor


  1. Appointment of Auditor for July 2014- June 2015 fiscal year.


  1. Adoption of new Bylaws


  1. CRCA BBQ Saturday May 23


  1. Upcoming Survey about services within facility


  1. Adjourn