Position Title: Summer Daycamp Coordinator

Hours of Work: Hours and shifts will be determined by the Recreation Program Coordinator.  Times of shifts  are 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Flex time will be taken during Yacht Club week in necessary.

To Apply: Please send resume to: recreation@chestermerecrca.com

Overview: To provide quality preschool and grade school age day camp opportunities for the children in the Chestermere community. To provide leadership to subordinates in the position of summer day camp leaders and pre and post care leaders. The position requires SD Coordinator to supervise and lead the Summer Day camp day to day activities for the Chestermere Regional Community Association.


  • Diploma/degree or currently enrolled in Physical Education, Recreation or Education and/or a minimum of 3 years work experience.  Candidates must have the Alberta Standard Child Development Assistant Certificate (formerly Level 1) or be currently enrolled in the program or one of the higher certifications.
  • First Aid Certification required prior to start date
  • Valid Police Security clearance with Vulnerable Sector required prior to start date


Reporting to the CRCA Recreation Program for the CRCA Summer Day camps shall fulfill the following duties and responsibilities in a professional and timely manner:


  • Provide leadership & mentorship in the recreation field for camp participants, other leaders (staff) and /or volunteers
  • Ensure that all staff opinions feel valid, and are taken into account
  • To create a work team built on cohesiveness, autonomy, and participation
  • Provide feedback and suggestions to Summer Day camp coordinator as they arise
  • Ensure that day camps are financially viable and that expenses are not exceeding income
  •  Maintain a high standard of customer service at all times.
  • Respond to emergencies, incidents and customer concerns in a professional and timely manner.
  • Other reasonable duties as assigned by the Recreation Program Coordinator.
  • Lead all staff meetings

Program Planning and Delivery

  • Plan and provide quality day camp programming with a variety of inside and outside activities, competitive and non competitive sports and activities
  • Training, supervision, evaluation and recognition of staff and volunteers for leadership and roles in the program.
  • Establish and maintain a system to promote and evaluate programs.
  • Maintain an inventory of program equipment and ensure all equipment requirements for programs are met and regular maintenance checks and appropriate repair/replacement are made.
  • Prepare budgets and expense reports if required.
  • Be the lead in setting up age appropriate daily program plans, setting up special events, guest speakers but also include help from the summer day camp leader(s), assistants
  • Role model enthusiasm and excitement towards children’s ideas and all planned activities
  • Be actively engaged in play with children indoors /outdoors and during recreational activities
  • Facilitate planned and spontaneous activities based on child’s ideas or community involvement opportunities in a safe and fun manner
  • Ensure that room set-up and materials for activities are prepared before the activities begin
  • encourage all children to be involved and engaged in activities of their choice
  • Support children to plan and follow through on their activities
  • Support children to try new activities. Support children to participate in games. Implement the 5-minute rule (try the game for five minutes if you still don’t like it you may sit out and watch)
  • Modify activities to accommodate different abilities. Recognize when activity isn’t keeping kids engaged or safe, switch activity and modify lesson plan
  • Provide opportunities within your environment for children to work in a variety of group sizes
  • Encourage children to participate in leadership roles
  • Research resources for programming that are available on location, at public libraries or the internet
  •  List references on programming sheets
  • Ensure programming reflects diversity and heritage of our families as an ongoing component
  • Ensure transition times are consistent, purposeful and with minimal wait times.


  • Report regularly on the day camps to the Recreation Program Coordinator
  • Attend meetings as needed.
  • Promote day camps to the community.
  • Maintain a communication system with all staff and volunteers involved with the day camps to ensure current        and accurate information is being communicated.
  • Communicate on a daily basis with parents of participants either in person, through email, or phone for any safety, behavior, other related concerns

Staff Management

  • Recruit, assist in hiring, train, and review performance of all staff and volunteers as required
  • Include staff in performance evaluations
  • Responsible for all staff and volunteer leadership and the actions of all staff members directly under your authority.
  • Approval of staff timesheets if required
  • Establish a staff schedule that meets the needs of the day camps being offered.
  • Provide ongoing staff/volunteer support

Program Supervision

  • Must be in designated meeting area 5 minutes prior to program commencement and remain at the end of the day until all participants are picked up on designated shifts
  • Maintain discipline and positive communications between other staff, participants, and/or parents
  • Responsible for notifying parents changes of location.  This should be posted on the white board outside the OOSC Office door


  • Responsible for using the resources available in the OOSC Program Office needed to plan the program
  • Determine the supplies needed to run programs and advise the Recreation Coordinator.
  • Help keep all first aid kits filled; get supplies when needed from the first aid room

Act as Liaison with Parents

  • Greet the participants and parents as they are dropped off and/ or picked up
  • Refer questions and concerns expressed by parents to the Recreation Coordinator
  • Responsible for notifying parents of behavior problems within the programs
  • Answering the phone and dealing with parents as needed


  • Daycamp Program Leaders will complete a Worker Orientation Health and Safety Checklist prior to their start date. Checklist attached.
  • Ensure that rules that are known to participants and their parents and are posted.  Promote that these rules and their consequences are upheld by all staff and volunteers
  • Refer to the emergency procedure posted and taught to the participants in the program
  • Assist with fire drills
  • Ensure that all equipment and supplies are in good working order and do not present any hazards to participants.  Any equipment that is not in good working order should be removed from the program and given to maintenance to fix or be thrown away
  • Ensure that the facility does not present any hazards – ie: nails sticking out, wet spots on floor etc.  Notify maintenance immediately of any problems and submit a written copy  to one of the Coordinators-Safety hazard form
  • Provide inspection reports if asked
  • Support a high standard of cleanliness and maintenance by following established procedures and guidelines to ensure safety and security at all times.
  • Ensure Safety hazard forms are completed daily
  • Ensure all incident reports are filled by end of day correctly, with enough detail. Identify major incidents.

Professional Conduct

  • Arrive for work on time and prepared to start your shift
  • Dress appropriately for the weather and in a professional manner that reflects positive role modeling to children.
  • there is no smoking, swearing, drinking on the property
  • Personal cell phones and text messaging will not be used while you are working with the children
  • Snacks will only be eaten with the children
  • Be an active, positive partner that supports their team to achieve goals
  • Communications are respectful and in accordance to policy at all times
  • Have a clear understanding of and consistently implement company policies, procedures and regulations
  • There are no professional references made to CRCA families outside of working hours

Child Interactions

  • Follow the Behavior Management Policies and Procedures as stated in the Parent Handbook and refer to the Recreation Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Greet all children in the program at all times and ensure they are signed in and out of the program
  • You must have direct interaction with groups of children at all times
  • All child interactions are positive, respectful, and reflective of individual needs
  • Interactions encourage children to talk about their days, share their ideas, and express their needs
  • Engage all children to become involved in conversations
  • Do not interrupt children when they are speaking
  • Support children to interact positively and respectfully amongst each other
  • Guide children to respect the rights and differences of one another
  • Assist children to recognize and develop problem solving skills
  • Intervene immediately when you see aggressive or bullying behaviors
  • Communication and interactions demonstrate an understanding of children’s developmental stages and abilities
  • Encourage children to talk openly about and share their heritage
  • Encourage children to write sorry note if they are at fault, encourage empathy and compassion

Health and Safety

  • You must know how many children are on site and their whereabouts at all times
  • Portable records and first aid kits are available at all times for inside/outside time, walking to and from any off site excursion and off site field trips.
  • Complete the indoor and outdoor safety checklist daily and before children arrive if asked
  • Ensure that all children are dressed appropriately and ready for all activities
  • Remind children and parents to bring water bottles, sunscreen etc
  • Ensure that the toy cleaning checklist is completed by volunteers
  • Remind children to wash their hands
  • Encourage children to eat healthy snacks
  • Ensure tables are washed after snack and activities in accordance with health guidelines
  • Always take children information and first aid kit when switching locations
  • Double head count when moving from one location to another

Policies and Administration

  • All employment requirements must be met by the specified time lines
  • You must be in compliance with all regulatory bodies
  • You must read and sign your orientation package and personnel policies when received prior to start date.
  • You must read and initial that you have read all policies and procedures
  • You must attend and complete all the new hire training sessions offered by your Supervisors
  • You must work closely during child and non child time with your Supervisors
  • You must discuss any policy or program concerns with your Supervisors
  • You must discuss any child, family or peer concerns with your Supervisors
  • You must ensure opening and closing procedures are being met
  • You must ensure that you are signed in and out of the program
  • You must attend staff meetings when appropriate
  • You must be involved with your evaluation and goal planning /implementing