Starting Thursday, July 1, the Chestermere Regional Community Association (CRCA) will charge a fee to those wishing to use the Rec Centre’s parking lot while visiting Anniversary Park. Beachgoers will be charged a daily fee of $10 per vehicle per entry to access one of the designated parking stalls. 

Users coming to the facility for Rec Centre purposes will not have to pay a parking fee. 

While the CRCA is happy to open portions of the facility’s lot to beachgoers, we must ensure CRCA members and users have access to a spot during peak times and warm weather, which unfortunately has not always been the case. This new policy will make it more manageable for those who have paid to utilize the facility to find adequate parking in the lot.  

The CRCA intends to put the revenue generated from these fees directly into future repair and repaving of the Centre’s parking lot. These fees will help subsidize the estimated $1.2 to $1.5 million price tag of the improvements. 

Parking Details:

  • Parking will be charged during peak times at the Rec Centre.
  • Security will be on hand to direct traffic and collect fees on days when the temperature exceeds 15 degrees Celsius.
  • This new parking policy is expected to be in place until September. 
  • Although there is no maximum time limit for the day, no in and out privileges are permitted, and no overnight parking is allowed. 
  • Only credit cards will be accepted for payment, no cash. 
  • Once designated spots are full, no additional beach parking will be accepted. Additional recommended parking spots include the west side of West Chestermere Drive (without blocking other roadways). Please be aware of no parking signage in the area. 
  • Those caught parking in the facility lot against restrictions will be towed.  

The CRCA would like to thank all our members and users for their patience and cooperation.