POLICY STATEMENT:  The Space Allocation Policy is intended to ensure that the CRCA’s facility and ground are allocated in a manner that is fair, equitable, and consistent with the association’s priorities. 


Make space allocation priorities transparent to CRCA members by providing a framework for the booking and allocation of facilities and grounds spaces for recreation.  The following priorities inform this policy:  

  • Honoring shared history: Agreements, both formal and understood, that exist before establishment of this policy are to continue under the “first right of refusal” principle. 
  • Equity in Scarcity: Strive for fair and equitable access to facilities and ground spaces for recreational purposes.
  • Building up our Children: Focusing on programs for children and youth under the age of majority 
  • Diversity: Promote a reasonable range of recreational opportunities 
  • Financial Sustainability: Ensuring that financial agreements are fulfilled by all parties. 
  • Ease of Use: Stakeholders should be able to understand, interpret, and implement this policy.


  • Define membership conditions, benefits, or fees.
  • Booking rates or other contractual considerations 



  1. “Spaces” shall refer to any bookable area within the CRCA facility or grounds, ice surfaces, fields, diamonds, halls and program rooms. 
  2. “CRCA Programs and Special Events” means any program or special event operated, co-sponsored, or sanctioned by the CRCA. 
  3. “Prime Time” refers to Mondays through Fridays after 4pm and all day on weekends. 
  4. “Priority” shall indicate the understood direction of the CRCA via resolution of its Board. 
  5. “User” shall refer to the person or organization booking a space. 
  6. “Child and Youth Programs” means recreational activities for participants under the age of majority. 


Spaces shall be allocated according to the following priorities, in sequence.  

1      CRCA programs and Special Events 

  • Users with all fees paid before the time of booking. 
  • Returning Contract Customers: Based on availability, returning contract holders will be given first right of refusal to renew their respective relationship. If a returning customer is unable to commit to their contract dates/times as well as pay the required non-refundable deposit by the application deadline, the space will be offered to the next customer in queue based on application submission date. If a returning customer returns their time(s), they will officially lose the right to refusal on those times.

Additional Ice Procedures:

  • The CRCA reserves the right to change dates/times of spring and summer ice contracts in order to maximize ice usage.
  • Adult ice users are required to maintain 25 hours of ice per season in order to be considered for first right of refusal for the following years ice contracts.
  • New Contract Customers: New contract customers will be offered time based on existing availability and in the order, applications are submitted.
    • (CRCA reserves the right to make adjustments in order to maximize space allocation and usage.
  • Child and youth programs 
  • Adult Programs 
  • All other programs