Aug 16, 2023

Notice to Chestermere Regional Community Association (CRCA) Members and the Public: 

It has come to our attention that information is being circulated about a supposed upcoming vote at the CRCA.  Booklets were being handed out at the Music Fest over the weekend that state there is a special vote coming and that citizens can have their say in the new rec center.  The CRCA has not called, and does not presently intend to call, any special meeting for the purpose of voting on structural changes to the CRCA’s bylaws, ownership or facilities.

The status of the proposed redevelopment of the CRCA facilities has not changed since our update on June 26th, 2023. Members of the board of directors had meetings planned with the City of Chestermere for the week of August 14th, 2023 however this was before the publication of the document the City has released.  The Board of Directors for the CRCA was not aware this publication was coming out, nor were we involved in the creation of its contents. While the CRCA is eager to continue negotiations with the City of Chestermere at any time, we would hope the City would negotiate in good faith.

Update June 26, 2023

Notice to Chestermere Regional Community Association (CRCA) Members and the Public: 

Thank you to all CRCA members, community stakeholders, friends and family who have approached the CRCA for comment on the social media chatter related to redevelopment of the lands occupied  by the Chestermere Recreation Centre. 

The Chestermere Regional Community Association would like to confirm that we have been communicating with representatives from the City of Chestermere regarding options for collaboration.  Both  the CRCA and the City of Chestermere see the great need for – and even greater opportunity for – improving the indoor and outdoor recreation spaces in Chestermere. 

Just like you, the CRCA staff and volunteer Board are parents, athletes, artists, and community members who dedicate our passions to facilitating recreation for those who play here.  There is  an immediate need for more ice, pitches, fields and all other forms of affordable recreation space in Chestermere. 

We can also confirm that on May 18, 2023 the CRCA was notified of the City of Chestermere’s decision to end collaborative negotiations with us.  Now that we are no longer engaged in these conversations,  we would like to comment on what the process has been thus far. 

We believe the first step in redeveloping these lands would be to coordinate a land sale between the City of Chestermere and Rockyview County.  Rockyview County currently owns the land.  On  June 14, 2022 Rockyview County’s Council stated that it would not continue discussions with the City of Chestermere related to the CRCA-occupied lands.  The motion they passed was recorded as: 

Moved by Deputy Mayor Kissel that Administration be directed to withdraw from current and future negotiations with the City of Chestermere for the sale of the Chestermere Recreation Centre –  Carried 

The CRCA has continued conversations with the City of Chestermere since the Fall 2022 in good faith, curious whether positive collaboration between two parties could engage the third.  However, the CRCA also leases its space from Rockyview County and has no authority over the sale of the land.  Our legal and functional relationship with Rockyview County is complex.  This puts the CRCA in a delicate legal position as we take steps towards the already-shared concept plans. 

However, land ownership is not the only major consideration; the CRCA has asked for clarification from the City of Chestermere on how these plans impact our current tenants, user groups and  staff.  We have asked about budgets, funding models, governance and conflict of interest.  We thank the City of Chestermere for engaging us in these discussions.  Following these discussions, we still have many questions. 

Please rest assured that the CRCA continues to engage with all parties.  We are prepared to resume conversations with the City of Chestermere at any time.  We will recommend the model to CRCA  members when we are confident that it is in the best interest of members/stakeholders, follows best practices for governance, is financially sustainable, and considers the relationship with Rockyview County.  The CRCA is focused on ensuring the long-term viability  of community recreation in Chestermere and will continue to work with the City of Chestermere to support, promote and achieve this goal. The CRCA believes that the land and Recreation Centre itself will continue to be used well after the current lease ends,  no matter who owns the land or building(s). 

We’re all in this together. 

Thank you once again for your many questions and comments.  Please consider joining us at an upcoming Board meeting to learn more about what the CRCA is tackling in 2023.  Email boardinfo@chestermerecrca.com  for more information. 

Together in community, 

The Board of Directors of the Chestermere Regional  Community Association 


  1. Where can I get more information? 

Please email boardinfo@chestermerecrca.com with your questions and we will do our best to respond promptly.   

CRCA Board meetings dates are open to the public; see meeting dates on Chestermere CRCA.com/history/Board-of-directors.  We ask that you tell us you are attending in advance (via boardinfo@chestermerecrca.com)  to help us plan around busy agendas. 

  • What has the CRCA agreed to so far? 

At the request of the City of Chestermere, the CRCA has: 

·         Signed a document stating we would be willing to donate the CRCA building to the City of Chestermere if they became owners of the land and the decision were to  be passed by the CRCA Membership at a Special General Meeting. 

·         Taken the draft proposal to legal counsel to verify against the Societies Act.  Further review would still be needed after the draft had been finalized. 

·         Engaged in several months of meetings and document review. 

·         Maintained confidentiality throughout. 

  • Why hasn’t the CRCA shared more information before now? 

The CRCA and the public were made aware of City of Chestermere concept plans, and subsequently updates to those plans, at the same time.  We have been in frequent communication with the City  of Chestermere for several months, identifying the benefits and risks associated with the proposed model.  The model would involve significant changes to the way members participate in recreational activities in CRCA spaces.  We have taken steps to thoroughly  review the information provided and otherwise practice due diligence to ensure that what has been proposed is in the best interests of our members.  These conversations have been kept confidential at the request of the City of Chestermere. 

  • Who owns the CRCA and how is the CRCA funded? 

The Chestermere Regional Community Association is a not-for-profit organization established to facilitate recreation in Chestermere.  We are registered as a charity under the Societies Act and  with the Canada Revenue Agency.  As such, the CRCA is owned by its members.  Members elect a volunteer Board of Directors who are obligated to act in the best interest of the CRCA by avoiding conflicts of interests and practicing sustainable financial practices,  among other things. 

The land that the CRCA occupies is owned by Rockyview County.  The CRCA leases from Rockyview County.  The City of Chestermere does not own the CRCA land, building, or parking lot. 

The CRCA is funded primarily by membership fees and space rentals.  While we do apply for and receive ad-hoc grants, we currently receive no sustained funding from any municipality, including  the City of Chestermere.  Both Rockyview County and the City of Chestermere provided annual funding to the CRCA in the past.  Given that the CRCA is currently the only organization with recreation expertise, and the Recreation Centre is the most used (by far)  facility in Chestermere, we hope that both municipalities will resume funding in future years. 

  • When does the lease with Rockyview County end? 

The lease ends Dec 31, 2029.  The CRCA Board and staff have been working to renew the lease with Rockyview County. 

  • The parking lot is awful every year, what is up with that?  

Very true! The CRCA is continually funding towards a permanent fix. One that includes fixing the base, expanding the # of spaces and improving linage and lighting. The substantial cost involved  is an obstacle. We have sent several ideas to the City of Chestermere, including a recent one that also alleviates the beach parking overflow issue that the City of Chestermere did not plan for. However, thus far spending tax dollars on land not owned by the  City of Chestermere has been an issue, even though the facility is the hub of Recreation, Community Events and Meetings. 

  • What about the plans being shared on social media?  

The CRCA is very excited by the prospect of adding more recreation opportunities for its membership and the local community, whether that is through the CRCA, the City of Chestermere or other  avenues on the Rec Centre lands (or on other sites!). These expansion plans have been part of the CRCA vision for the property for many years.  

  • How can you help? 

We are all in this together. Support recreation in Chestermere by purchasing a CRCA membership and advocating to the City of Chestermere and Rocky View County Council.